• Frankincense a healing aromatherapy

    Frankincense a gift from the Gods.

    The ancient healing benefits of Frankincense are well documented. The jewel-like resin has been used medicinally for over 5000 years, and with good reason. Described as rich, fruity, woody and earthy, it seems that this famous resin is more than just an aroma, with a healing power that packs a punch, it is a must have oil for every household.

    The healing properties of Frankincense may be due in part to its individual unique characteristic which interacts with the body's chemistry, this has the ability to switch on and off the effects of certain organs and systems in the body. Omanis hold great affection for Frankincense, widely used within the home believing it to bring good health and purity to the air they breathe.

    Health benefits in using Frankincense.

    Immune Support
    Pain Relief
    Wound Healing
    Hormone Balance
    Anti-cancer properties
    Cell Protection and Regeneration.

    It appears that Frankincense has a regulatory affect on the immune system, when working properly the immune system protects the body from attacks such as viruses, bacteria and parasites. A poor functioning immune system can lead to an increase in illnesses and chronic life changing conditions, for example, arthritis and cancer. Early signs of a low immune system include fatigue, allergies, slow wound healing, frequent infections, colds and sore throats.

    More recently Frankincense has been found to have cancer healing properties, this may be due in part to a compound found in Frankincense called Beta-elemene, which is believed to cross the blood brain barrier. This exciting new find was shown during research to prevent cancer cell growth in laboratory cells and beneficially, it leaves the healthy cells alone.

    There are preliminary clinical observations that link Frankincense and Sandalwood with breast cancer. Taken together they work in synergy to produce a more powerful treatment for breast cancer.

    It is advisable to purchase top quality essential oils, because the harvesting and storage conditions can alter the therapeutic effects of the natural product. Therefore, Organically Pure always recommends using 100% pure organic essential oils. Neal's Yard Remedies offers a excellent starting place to find your organic oils.

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      It is the nice gift of God.
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      Quote Originally Posted by msamiula View Post
      It is the Nice Gift of God.
      We must consume goods that are natural. because these are really healthy and rich.
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