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Thread: weight loss tips

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    Convenience foods are full of salt, sugar and fat but quick and easy to eat so unless you have time to prepare a balanced meal to keep weight off

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    Quote Originally Posted by J-jay View Post
    My first thread, I thought I would start with an easy one.

    My weight loss tip is walking, and lots of it. Any sort of walking, most people can do it, and any fitness level. You'll find that very quickly you build up stamina, strength, lung capacity and feel the weight come off.

    Make the walks interesting, do different walks, follow known walking routes, or join a walking group. The weight will drop off effortlessly, and your body shape will change.
    My doctor told me that walking will tone your legs but you won’t lose weight unless you run as you need the blood to pump around your heart, cardiovascular exercise is best

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    Effective Weight loss Tips

    Solid weight loss tips! Remember, consistency and patience are key to achieving and maintaining your fitness goals. Stay committed!
    Eat whole foods.

    1.Control portions.
    2.Stay hydrated.
    3.Prioritize protein.
    4.Exercise regularly.
    5.Get enough sleep.
    6.Manage stress.
    7.Seek professional guidance

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    great tips, simply walking is the most effective advice. being active throughout the day is effective like doing exercise for 1 hour.

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    If anyone wants to get back into shape then following a healthy lifestyle and eating the right food is a must. The problem comes with knowing what the right food is to eat. This is where the plethora of information is contradictory and confusing.

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