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Thread: Book - Deliciously Ella with friends

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    I do love the simplicity of Ella’s foods and they are bursting with flavour. I’ve not looked at the Eat Green by Melissa Helmsley. Although I don’t need much encouragement to eat my greens,
    Ella has an app now too.

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    I seem to see this woman everywhere these days, she has lots of healthy snacks in supermarkets that are delicious and great for someone like me who is useless at cooking!

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    She is a firm favourite in my house, the recipes can be complex, but ultimately they are healthy and very tasty. There are so many healthy cookbooks available now, which is amazing as far as choice goes. The only problem with some of them is that the authors seem to live in areas where exotic foods, herbs and spices are readily available.

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    One of my favourite regular recipes from DE is the vege curry, a very quick and easy recipe, but very delicious. My husband likes to add a tiny sprinkle of salsa powder to give it a boost to the depth of flavour.
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    I’d love to go to her cafe in London, you get to try some of the more complex dishes from her books.

    I do love that you can buy her granolas and I think she does a frozen food range too!, Although I’ve not tried them, let alone seen them in my local supermarket.

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