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Thread: Movie - Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

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    Movie - Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

    This was one of the many films that motivated my interest in learning about a plant based diet.
    The current trend in obesity is rising at a phenomenal rate, especially in the youth of today. This touching, at times funny film tells the story of Joe Cross, his struggle to overcome his obesity and what he learnt along the way.

    A great DVD, inspirational, and heart warming worth a watch if you have an interest in juicing and weight loss. The follow-up DVD Fat, sick and Nearly Dead 2 is a documentary about Joe and his struggle to maintain the weight he lost, how he has achieved a balance in his life and incorporated the juice regime into a lifestyle change. In addition to these DVDs there are books available to support anyone trying to make similar changes in their lives.

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    This was such a good film, it really motivated me to look at my life, my diet and consider what I was doing to myself. I recommend everyone watch this movie.

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    I really enjoyed this and it made me stop and think about my diet. Light hearted but good advice

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