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Thread: Activities for the whole family

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    Activities for the whole family

    Hi guys,

    I just wanted to share with everyone a offer on at 'Go Ape!', (I hope the moderators don't mind). As a family we struggle to keep activities fun and suitable for all of us.
    But a recent trip to Go Ape was brilliant, it has something for everyone and you have the option to bypass some sections. great fun, and highly recommended.

    There is a current code on their site to get 20% on Sundays in October code: ADSDY

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    Hi Mummy2Two,

    Thanks for the discount code. We went there recently and had a wonderful time, we used the Segway, which I guess was a bit lazy, but great fun.

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    Hi Mummy2Two,

    Thank you for your suggestion, and thank you for sharing the 20% discount code, Hopefully someone can make use of it and have a fun weekend. I have added a link to the Go Ape! site for people to get more info. Please click the word 'Go Ape!'

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    I went with a group of friends to GoApe, it was really good, with a variety of different activities for everyone. I like the fact that you can miss out some of the more risque stuff. Id recommend it for a family as something different and it will certainly entertain younger members of the family.

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