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Thread: Becoming silenced

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    Becoming silenced

    It seems the virus did not arrive alone, it brought with it a social change in the way we think and communicate. I have read with horror the control of free speech that is occurring world wide on social media platforms.

    Some can argue that it is right to curb speech, itís not right that people can be offended. But, I disagree, we live in a world with over 7 billion people on the planet, all having their own unique experience of life. It is not only inevitable, but expected that people will draw their own conclusions about other people, races, cultures and countries from their own, unique perspective.

    So why shouldnít they have their say? So what if it offends, maybe those offended should be less sensitive, more open to others opinions and experience

    Iíve learnt a lot in my life from listening to other peoples points of view that I neither agree with, understand or believe and in some cases, my judgement has been changed by some encounters.

    Maybe we should stop judging things as so black and white, right and wrong, why canít we all be right, but just have seen it from a different perspective?

    Anyway, I donít like the way the world is heading and I do not agree that social media companies should be the controllers of what we see and hear, surely that is for us to make our own mind up, block or scroll past.

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    I have to admit, we do seem to be living in a bizarre world and I really don’t know where it is going to end up! I don’t think the direction we are taking is a healthy one.

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    I’m not sure who is driving this new mentality, whether it really is a small genuine minority and the media are jumping on it, or whether it is a paid group of individuals that are trying to cause as much disruption as possible, although I wouldn’t know to what end!

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