• Rising Cancer rates in the news

    This was posted in the news, it highlights the increase in cancers, especially amongst women. The article pinpoints lifestyle as being a major factor in the increase of such cancers.
    This article is one of many articles that aims to raised an awareness of lifestyle choices being a causative factor of cancer, yet it seems that despite such news coverage, the message fails to get out.

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    1. Rainbow's Avatar
      Rainbow -
      I saw this in the news this morning. People want a quick fix, they don't want to have to restrict their life to prevent disease.
      They just want to be mended once it all goes wrong. That is the nature of our society today, i'm afraid.

      I get so angry with parents when I see children walking around, clearly obese and the parents seem oblivious to the fact, it is abusive to over feed your child...surely. If I starved my child I would be questioned and put under some sort of control order, but it seems you can feed your child to the point of obesity and ill health and nothing is done.....a crazy world!
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