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    For a while now I have struggled to get my message across, sometimes feeling like I am alone in this quest to raise a conscious awareness of the damage we are doing to our bodies through poor lifestyle choices and diet.

    It seems that everyone has been bombarded with 'diet and lifestyle overload', and as a result people connect the idea of a change in diet to something that is negative, painful and a 'thing' to endure. As a result I feel my message falls on deaf ears and so I have struggled to get people to make the connection between our diet and the chronic diseases we face in our lifetime.

    It seems that people expect to get a chronic disease such as; arthritis, dementia, lung problems, heart disease, back problems, bowel problems, poor digestion, diabetes and now even cancer affects virtually one in two of us.
    We have become resigned to the fact our body will breakdown on us and we put it down to the 'ageing process'. But it doesn't have to be the case, there is another way to live, if only we could believe it and make the necessary changes required.

    While searching the net I came across this TED talk by Dr Chatterjee, I wasn't familiar with him before, although now I believe he has been on the TV (I don't watch TV). What impressed me about his talk was that he is a Doctor and typically they are very closed minded to anything other than pharmacology and a treatment for ailments, disease etc., Dr Chatterjee gets my (and his own) message across beautifully.
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