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    This is my go to recipe book, before this book I hated cooking and really struggled to get home made food to taste, well...errr...tasty.
    I had a fear of spices and generally a fear of cooking. After trying a few recipes in the book I found there was no going back, I love the varied recipes, the tastes are exceptional and they are a real pleasure to make. I have actually started to love cooking!
    I recommend this book to just about everyone I know, and some I don't. Following on from this book I purchased every book in her range, although I have to admit, I think this is her best book by far.

    What the book says:

    'Nothing beats sharing a delicious meal with wonderful people. This book is all about beautiful, nourishing dishes that you can cook and share with your friends and family, whatever the occasion and whoever is at your table. It has over 100 delicious plant-based recipes that will make each event special; whether that's a lazy weekend brunch , a quick weekly supper, a big Indian-themed feast or a birthday celebration. I know you're gong to love making them and enjoying them together'.

    Please click on the image to be re-directed to Amazon UK where you can find out more and purchase the book.

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    1. Lynsey6's Avatar
      Lynsey6 -
      I love this book, it is my go to book for all recipes. I love the fact the recipes are all plant based and use very little fat.
    1. Laura's Avatar
      Laura -
      Everything about this book is delicious, but I’ve just bought her new one, which does not disappoint either. Highly recommended.
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