• Resolving the Healthcare crises: Dr Campbell at TEDx talks

    This is an eye opening lecture from the brilliant Dr Colin T. Campbell. For those of you that are not familiar with the formidable doctor, here is a brief review.

    Dr Colin T. Campbell is an 83 year old American Biochemist, who proudly and boastfully does not take or need any medication, and neither does his wife. He is an advocate for a low fat, plant based diet, but does not wish to compartmentalise this as being vegetarian or vegan.

    He famously co-authored 'The China Study' (2005) describing it as the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted. The New York Times described it as 'the Grand Prix of epidemiology'. This fascinating book explores in depth the relationship between nutrition and cancer, heart and metabolic diseases.

    Following on from his success of 'The china Study' he authored 'Whole: rethinking the science of nutrition' (2013), 'The low-carb fraud' (2014) and was also featured in the documentary 'Forks over Knives'.

    Dr Campbell has developed an online course from eCornell University on 'Plant-Based Nutrition', and spends a good proportion of his time lecturing and promoting a plant based diet. This lecture at TEDx talks is one such lecture. Enjoy!
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