My Reiki Journey

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So, I began my reiki journey some years ago, it has been a slow and rocky road at times with many delays in getting me to where I am now. At times I felt frustrated by the pace of the journey and what seemed like an endless cycle of disappointments and shut doors. In hind sight, which, as they say, is a great thing, I realise the shut doors were there to give me the time to heal my own life wounds.

It is only once these wounds begin to heal, can you then move on to pastures new and begin to offer this energy healing to others. I never would have believed the power of Reiki had I not tried it as both a recipient and practitioner. Over time I have come to have a deep respect for this ancient healing tradition as well as the universal energy.

The more I have come to read and understand about Reiki energy and energy therapies in general, including acupuncture, kinesiology and chiropractic care, to name but a few, the more I feel that these are not 'alternative' therapies; they are revolutionary, ahead of the time therapies. They are both ancient and futuristic, and arguably, beyond our current understanding. In fact the more my understanding has expanded the more I realise how archaic the current mode of health care is. The future is undoubtedly in energy medicine, as quantum physics becomes more understood, so too will energy medicine and this will form the future of how humans seek to prevent disease.

Reiki is a form of preventative care, a way to heal, repair and work with the body to prevent disease, to balance the body's energy systems and promote health. I find it fascinating to listen to opinions on why they think energy health care is mystic mumbo jumbo, yet they fail to grasp the basic understanding of how the human body functions with energy, how do they think we are alive?

I am very grateful to those people that have helped me on this journey of healing and self discovery, without whom I would not have become a practitioner in Reiki and have started my own therapy practice. I encourage you to seek out these therapies, trust in the process and see how you too can be helped on the path of wellness .

I invite you to look at my Reiki website, and thank you for all your support to Organically Pure.
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  1. Pansy's Avatar
    Good for you Louise, it is great to hear you have followed you heart and found your path in life. I wish you well on your journey.

    I was interested to read your opinion that energy medicine is an ancient and futuristic medicine, and that you feel it is the future of healthcare.

    How far into the future were you thinking?
  2. Heather's Avatar
    I think there is definitely a shift in thinking, but it takes demand to change the populous thinking. It is early days, and at the moment Reiki is too ‘out there’.

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