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We recently changed our broadband provider and along with this change came a new WiFi router. We have noticed, (with hindsight) that since having this new broadband we are not feeling 100% energised, in fact there are days when we are flagging, both physically and mentally. Despite an increase in vitamins and a review of the foods we eat, there seems to be little change in the way we feel. After falling upon a YouTube video about WiFi and the effects on the body from the emf waves that are emitted from electronic devices, I found myself questioning the electronic devices in our household, and we have a lot! But it was the router that was the newcomer to our household. Could this the problem to our flagging energy and mental state?

As you may well know, I am all for reducing our toxin load whether that be from the foods we eat or the environment we live in, but I am not beyond appreciating that we live in a modern world which makes the perfect lifestyle virtually impossible. So I have decided to try out something I have read much about and often wondered how good these really are, a grounding sheet!

In trying this, I must say I have much skepticism, but in a healthy way. I have read and seen the science, but I am a firm believer that the science is of little use, it all comeS down to the user and their perceived benefits.

So, that said, my sheet has arrived and I will be putting it on the bed this evening. Nothing else will change, no additional supplements, or change in our food. So we will see if it does make a difference to our health, mood, energy or pain, and of course I will feed back my honest opinion, after night one, 3 nights and after a week and then a month of use.

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  1. over the hill's Avatar
    You must have very strong WiFi in your house! Maybe there is a new 5G connection in your area?

    I am curious as to how the blanket will make any difference, because surely your exposure remains the same whether you are lying on a sheet or not!
  2. Louise's Avatar
    There is no new 5G in the area to my knowledge, but I do understand (in a very limited way) that a router can give off quite strong disrupting waves and we have noticed a marked decrease in our health co-inciting with the new router arriving.

    The sheet has silver thread running through it and when you lie on it with your skin touching the sheet, it reduced the electrical interference that is affecting your body, I’m really sorry that my science and biological knowledge can not give you a more detailed explanation as to how it works.
  3. Louise's Avatar
    Update after the first night:

    My personal experience is that in the first few hours of lying on the sheet I went to the toilet for a wee 3 times I slept deeply, woke up more refreshed and rested. I also felt less ‘inflamed’, although I honestly struggle to explain that in any way. I also appreciate that I may be bias and of course this is all psychological.

    So, my Hubby also slept on the sheet, without knowing. He woke before me (unheard of), he was more vibrant, and actually singing (annoyingly) he slept well, and woke refreshed. It has been a long, long time since I have seen him like this and this can not be psychological, because he didn’t know it was there!

    That said, I am willing to accept that this may be an anomaly, so I look forward to seeing how things go over the next few days and weeks.
  4. Dani's Avatar
    That is really interesting. I have seen these mats and sheets advertised and like you, I have been sceptical about their efficacy. But it is interesting to read that your Hubby didn’t know about the sheet, yet clearly he responded well. Does he know about the sheet now?
  5. Louise's Avatar
    Here is a link to a video which may help people to understand what the earthing sheet does.

  6. Louise's Avatar
    This is crazy! I really do hope that health is really this simple

  7. Geri's Avatar
    Any update after a few days on the grounding sheet?
  8. Louise's Avatar
    Sorry Geri, I wanted to wait several days to give you a true sense of the outcome.

    Day one : as mentioned a marked improvement was noticed in Hubby, especially as he didn’t know about the sheet.

    Day two: (Hubby now knows about the sheet) Hubby back to his normal shattered self on waking (I am sorely disappointed at this point) On a personal level I feel good and more ‘awake’ in the morning.

    Day three: Hubby wide awake, refreshed and more functional this morning! ( I didn’t point this out to him, but it is very noticeable and I am much happier at this change in him) myself, I feel more awake, no change in my pain levels from my joints, which I’m disappointed about.

    Day four: The same as day three, no further set back from Hubby.

    Day five and onwards: everyday Hubby continues to be energised in the morning which makes me much happier to see this.
  9. Vera's Avatar
    Could this change be put down to anything else?

    Surely the benefits are only obtained while you are on the devices? When you separate from them, everything returns to normal, surely!
  10. Coco21's Avatar
    So you lie on the sheet and it protects you from the electrical interference? So surely you would have to lie on it naked so there is no barrier and I noticed the sheet doesn’t cover the whole bed so do you need one each? Also you would be protected whilst you are on it but the daytime leaves you susceptible to the interference? I would have to be able to see some scientific evidence like a read out on an electronic device to buy into this but if it makes you feel better then good luck to you x
  11. Louise's Avatar
    Yes, your skin needs to be in contact with the sheet, it reduces the damaging effects of electrical interference on the body. It is a well documented phenomenon within the science literature.

    The benefits are limited to the time you are on the sheet, or if you are barefoot on the grass/earth, but this time is giving you some downtime, 6-8 hours off reduced interference in a 12 hour period. Without it your exposure Would be 24 hours.
  12. Louise's Avatar
    An update: So for me, I have not benefitted in regards to pain relief, but hubby remains improved, with no further periods of deterioration. I do think this was a beneficial purchase, if only for his benefit.

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