Fruit and Vegetables have become the 'Alternative' food.

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I have been shocked by how many friends and associates have been diagnosed as having cancer, the surprising thing about this is that their ages range from 35 to 60 years.

Now I know that the statistics suggest a ratio of one in three people will develop cancer, but they are just statistics, right!
well, it appears that statistics actually relate to real time events and not just school education. Who knew!

I have have watched my friends go through turmoil in the hands of the medical establishment and at the peril of the consuming cancer.

What has hit me though, is that I have found myself on the fringes of 'normal', with a realisation that suggesting what I think is 'normal', is in fact not 'normal'.

It seems that it is more acceptable to suggest cutting bits of your body out, radiating it, and then throwing toxic chemicals at it and every healthy cell around it, than it is to suggest eating a clean, organic diet and take out the toxins that led to the cancer in the first place.

So, I find myself hovering in this conundrum, do I suggest eating a whole food, toxin free diet to optimise the nutrition in the body, thus, allowing the body to heal itself. Or, do I stand back and join the rest of the madding crowds and watch the cancer consume the patient, and the trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry take another bite of their very shiny Apple.

Apart from the obvious response of 'hippy', I guess laughter therapy can be very healing too.
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  1. Rockred's Avatar
    I totally agree with what you have said. I have been eating sensibly for 30 odd years. It has allowed me to live a healthy active life, I played five a side football until I was 58, and only stopped because I moved to Gibraltar. I have just turned 70 and had my blood pressure taken 2 weeks ago, and the nurse said you have the blood pressure of a teenager. 120/80. I believe its down to eating healthy foods, no junk foods ever. Also I have always taken a good multivitamin tablet since my mid thirty's as a back up.

    I really hope that your new web site is a roaring success, as it is obviously needed.

    All the very best Ian.
  2. Louise's Avatar
    Thank you Ian for your very kind comment. Your blood pressure is excellent and certainly your lifestyle choices have played a huge part in your ability to maintain your fitness and health to the age of 70. Your statement, 'No junk foods ever', is very powerful, and sadly we live in a society, where ding meals are labelled as 'Healthy', and school children do not recognise common vegetables.

    I really hope my message reaches those who need it the most, and I really hope the forum community offer the support for those needing to make the necessary changes.

    Once again, Thank you.
  3. Westielover's Avatar
    I have had to watch my dear friend die of cancer and the way it ravished her body and soul. I am not sure that there is such a thing as an organic diet unless you grow your own fruit and vegetables as I really don’t believe that anything purchased in a supermarket and labelled organic is good for you at all. If you watch the natural growth of fruit and vegetables it takes many months of care and attention so I personally think what you buy is pumped full of chemicals to speed up growth and sprayed in toxins to ward off pests. To be truly organic and feel free of worry that your food is toxic you need to grow it yourself

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