Old V's New Medicine that people routinely suffer with

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I often enjoy a good debate with my friends and colleagues on all sorts of issues, not least health and nutrition.

However, I was recently blown away by a throw away comment made by a friend. I was talking about the power of nutrition in healing many ailments that people commonly suffer with. Including digestive issues, skin conditions and bowel problems.

My point was that people often turn to their GP or over-the-counter medications before making basic changes to their diet. The problem with such medical fixes is that these medications are often dealing with the symptoms and not the problem. In addition, they can cause other problems with their side effects. Whereas a healthy change in diet can often very quickly alleviate the symptoms and cure the problem.

Whilst discussing this with my friend she turned to me and said, 'I don't understand how you can believe that foods, herbs and spices can heal people'. I was taken by surprise by her frankness and saddened that we have lost our knowledge of where medicine originated from; and how we healed our ancestors.

I wonder what Hippocrates would make of our modern day mentality?
I do find it disheartening that we in the Western world look beyond nature, instead preferring to put our faith in man made chemicals as a way to heal our incredible, natural bodies.
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  1. Dannij's Avatar
    It is sad we live in a world which has made us so distant from our natural habitat. I don't think humans have progressed at all, progression would be knowing how to work with nature to save the human race, instead we are getting sicker and sicker with more and more prescription drugs available....why cant anyone make the connection?
  2. Chloe21's Avatar
    I think we live in a fast paced society and people need a ‘quick fix’ so they don’t have the time to invest in changing their diet or sourcing good alternatives to conventional medication. We are living on fast food and the cost of that is obesity and cancer. I am very guilty of not understanding the importance of a good diet and making positive changes instead I opt for a ready meal packed full of sugar and salt because it’s quick and requires no effort!
  3. Mary03's Avatar
    I think we live in a society where we simply don’t have the time to eat properly and look beyond nature because sadly it is all about instant satisfaction
  4. May26's Avatar
    I’m actually cooking vegetables today for the first time in months! I feel so lethargic and low mood and I’m sure it’s the junk food I’ve lived on all week!

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