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Thread: Flu jab

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    Flu jab

    Anyone else getting unwell from this years variant of flue vaccination

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    I've not had mine and wont be having one either.
    Whats the point? surely, only those people susceptible of the flu being a major problem should have it.

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    I had it once, it made me feel terrible. But, since that one occasion it has been fine. So yes, I'll be having mine.
    I never really understand what all the big fuss is over having it. Why is there often such debate?

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    Has anyone heard of the film Vaxxed? It is about the use of vaccinations in America, it looks very interesting.

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    I've not heard about Vaxxed, is it just about the MMR jab? Or vaccines in general?

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    I don't see the point in having these flu jabs, take last year for example the strain had mutated so many times that by the time the drug was available it didn't protect against the strain that was going around.

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    I don't see what the big deal is, have it/don't have it. Why is there such a huge quandary around this every year?

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    I think that even if you strongly believe in vaccinations, you have a duty to yourself to be aware of the concerns around the use of vaccination. Then, at least that way you can make an informed choice and not just accept everything at face value.


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    Yogi001, do we have mandatory vaccinations in this country?

    I do agree with you, I think we blindly have these injections without signicant thought to the potential health problems that may arise.

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    I had mine, my arm feels like it is about to drop off.

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