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Thread: Yoga Pose

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    Yoga Pose

    A very easy and simple yoga pose for everyone to enjoy is the extended triangle pose.
    This pose is said to be stress relieving, help improve digestion, reduce anxiety and offers a full body stretch.

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    This is a great pose for easing sciatica, just make sure your hips stay in alignment. This gives a really good stretch.

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    Child pose is great for trapped wind and reduce bloating, it is very relaxing, easy to do and is said to massage all of your organs.

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    This is a great, simple pose to help promote fertility, and also regulate the menstral cycle.
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    It helps reduce toxins and negative energy in the areas of the hip and groin.
    Your pelvis, abdomen and back are stimulated by a plentiful supply of blood. It aids the ovaries to function properly and increases fertility.

    If men try this pose and flap their thighs this is said to increase sperm count.

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    Yikes , Im not sure if this is even legal....just had to share.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rainbow View Post
    Yikes , Im not sure if this is even legal....just had to share.
    That is enough to put me off yoga! I always think of yoga as a smooth transition of one move into another, and it is in this transition that poise, balance and strength is required.

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    I use yoga to help with my depression and anxiety it’s so calming and obviously keeps you fit and supple too

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