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Thread: Dry Skin

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    Dry Skin

    I have dry skin, even after washing with water, my skin feel dry. I have to admit, I love the feeling of face cream on my face, but now I'm starting to wonder what is the best way I can benefit from face cream without the overload of toxins.

    Does anyone have any recommendations?

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    I use Dr Hauschka rose cream, it's very natural, no harsh chemicals. It's for dry and sensitive skin.

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    I use Neals yard Almond moisturiser When I can afford it, I only use it in the morning, but allow my skin to breathe in the evening.
    It's a beautiful cream, free of rubbish and smells beautiful.

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    If you want to go natural, or have a weekend moisturiser change, you could try coconut oil (raw and organic). It does help to stop that really dry feeling, costs next to nothing and you get loads in a jar.

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    Liz Earle does a great range of cream, I believe the company tries to limit the toxins in their products.

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    I see lavera do a range of hair and face products. They are made without colour, fragrance and preservatives, and they are a good price at around 10 for a face cream.

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    Sometimes the water is very drying on skin, you can buy a filter that will fit onto your shower, this may help prevent dry skin in the first instance.

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    Have you ever tried exfoliating your skin? It's one of the main reason why you're suffering from dry skin. Because when the weather is cold, your skin will lose water and get drier. Good luck.

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    Exfoliating is excellent as per Lucymc's post. But, always look at the cause of the dry skin, there is often an underlying reason, deal with that, and your dry skin should clear up. That said, I appreciate that that is easier said than done.

    Often bathing products are very drying on the skin, stripping away our natural oils, so, it is worth being mindful of these products as being a potential cause. Also, are you getting enough of healthy fats?

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    Thanks for the suggestions, I started to exfoliate my skin more which brought blood to the surface of the skin. I bought a body cream from Dr Hauschka which I find just sinks in, it's a little expensive but it's natural organic skin care, so I feel I'm doing some good. Plus I increased my water intake.

    My skin seems much better, I still have the odd bad day, but this is a less common occurrence.

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