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Thread: Loose skin after weight loss

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    Loose skin after weight loss

    I've seen images, documentaries and videos of people that have lost a lot of weight and have masses of loose skin, which worries me greatly.

    I saw the article on loose skin, which I do try and incorporate the foods in my diet, but is there anything else I can apply/do to tighten the skin?

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    I know what you mean...
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    This is an extreme case, (and not me). From what I understand prevention is key here. Once the skin is at this stage, there is very little that can be done. This is usually caused by extreme weight loss, age, poor fact, multiple factors are at play here. But, most important, it is impossible to get this skin back to normal.

    The article is about prevention and is key to maximising healthy skin. Eat your greens, as the greens are your best friend, don't rush to lose the weight, and do lots of toning exercises.

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    Jeez, do we really need to see that? I've just eaten!

    Exercise will bring blood to the skin and with it nutrients, but not everyone likes to exercise. My suggestion would be to just keep moving.

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    Skin brushing is supposed to help tighten the skin, it is said to bring the blood to the surface, bringing nutrients and taking away toxins.

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    Salt scrub is another external option, it works in the same way as skin brushing, bringing blood and nutrients to the surface of the skin.
    And get as many nutrients into you that support the growth and maintenance of skin elasticity and collagen.

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    loose the weight slowly and this will allow your skin to ping back slowly and in line with the weightloss

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    you can buy oils for pregnant women to rub on the skin to help keep the skin supple, may be worth a try.

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    There are loads of creams available to tighten skin, but trust me, I've tried them all, they don't work.

    The most amazing improvement I ever saw in my skin was when I went on a raw diet for about 9 months, I couldn't sustain it, due to the preparation time and I felt so cold all of the time. It is ideal if you are a hot person, or live in a warm climate.
    Anyway, my skin started to change, and tighten, and even brown spots started to clear up. It amazing. Do not underestimate the power of food!

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    If you improve your muscle tone your skin will hang better on your frame. As a result with firmer muscle it may take-up some of the slack of loose skin.

    I don't think surgery is the answer, unless your skin is so bad, like the poor chap in the photo.

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    Thanks guys for the replies. It is not common place for a man to think 'salt scrub' or creaming their body parts.

    I did buy some 'Dead Sea Salt' and tried to used this it was a bit of a disaster if I'm honest, the stuff is very slippery, I nearly killed myself getting out of the bath!

    When trying use the salt on my skin, the salt crystals went everywhere, this may be due to my over zealous scrubbing and to top it off, the salt finds cuts on you that you never realised existed! which stung for ages afterwards.

    I seem to develop a new found respect for women everywhere who put themselves through this beauty regime, they are either very special, or mental...I reserve judgement.

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