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Thread: Are you getting enough?

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    Are you getting enough?

    Has anyone seen this article on BBC health?

    It suggests that sleeping six hours or less a night can increase your chances of early death by 13%

    The research suggests that lack of sleep and tired employees are costing UK industry 40bn, and the US a whopping 328bn. I'm not entirely convinced how they have come to those figures. Ultimately, the staff are at work and may have a slightly reduced output, but enough to evaluate?

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    I can understand that lack of sleep can affect your health. But, I fail to see how statisticians can come up with the 13% figure as a direct result of reduced sleep.

    There are too many variables in everyones life to see 1 hour (6 hours or 7 hours) sleep made a huge difference to a persons life.

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    I don't function on less than 6 hours, I can just about get away with one night, but that's it.
    I find as I get older I tolerate altered sleep far less.

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    I had a job a few years back which required me to do set shifts on a rotational basis, one week days, one week nights. The days after my nights were horrendous, I felt hung over for days.

    I was sleeping, and more than likely getting my 7-8 hours a day, but the timing of the sleep is important too.
    I quickly gave that job up and feel much better for it.

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    I used to do shifts, they are a killer!

    A change in sleep pattern really wreaks your health in general, I noticed loads of changes in my health and normal functions when I did shifts.

    They are not good for you!

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    I have to agree with j-jay, the timing of your sleep is crucial, so you may be achieving the 7-8 hours a day, but if you sleep in the day, or wake up in the very early hours it still affects how you function.

    It seems there is a perfect amount of sleep time, but also a preferred time in which to get those hours of sleep.

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    Margaret Thatcher was famous for only sleeping 4 hours a night, it didn't do her any ill health.

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    I read somewhere that lack of sleep makes you fat. I sleep like a log, and I'm overweight, so I think I've singlehandedly blown that theory out of the window!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kellyjames View Post
    Margaret Thatcher was famous for only sleeping 4 hours a night, it didn't do her any ill health.
    She's dead!

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    I thought sleep was crucial because it helps detoxify us, that's why people go mad when they don't get sleep.
    they use lack of sleep as a torture tool in some countries.

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