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Thread: New year, new me!

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    New year, new me!

    Well 2017 has rolled into town and along with it came an increase in weight, despite my best intentions, Christmas proved a very tasty disaster.

    I have vowed to make 2017 my rebirth, not just a Weightloss year, but whole new me. A year when I regain my health, and stop fighting my demons. Is anyone with me?

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    Happy New Year John B, I'm sorry to hear your healthy eating plan came unstuck over Christmas, I get the feeling you are not alone
    a focus on getting healthy will inevitably result in Weightloss. Eat clean, and eat a wide variety of foods, we are all behind you in your mission and look forward to regular updates on your progress.

    As for me, I too have committed to a greater focus on health and fitness for 2017.

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    I think everyone is thinking the same, does anyone go into a new year and think...yep, I'm going to stay exactly the same!
    I think peoples goals vary, but there is usually a get healthier, lose weight theme.

    I intend to get healthier and hope that the weight will fall naturally away
    Like most, I over indulged at christmas and I felt sluggish and fairly rotten for it. This year I'm aiming to have a whole food approach to my eating and gain some lost vitality. I think this approach is the right one and is healthier than the diet food, processed trap.

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    Hi Teri23, I think you have hit the nail on the head, that's exactly how I feel. The whole food route, is a slower form of weight loss, but it makes you feel so much more healthier.
    I feel quite angry with myself for allowing christmas to get the better of me, and feel I have undone some of my work so far.

    But in lots of ways this anger has spurned me on and made me realise how much I want it for myself, this itself is motivating enough.

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    How is your new you coming along John B? I think variety is really important to keep you focused, find loads of recipes, good ones, healthy ones and healthy naughty ones. That way if you do feel like having a binge, it ends up being one that doesn't ruin all your good work!

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    I've added this recipe, it may offer some healthy options

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    I didn't declare myself with you John B in case I failed miserably, but I have been chipping away at the weight and starting to feel better for it. The hardest thing this January has been coming off the sugar and retraining my palate to eat a natural sweet diet. Which is getting easier.

    I noticed that when I ate refined sugar and processed foods, I was hungrier and craved sweet, processed foods far fact constantly. I feel more under control since stopping that food.

    How are you getting on John B?

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    Sorry, I've not been on here for a while, I've been up and down a bit with the mental battle of fighting the bulge. I've found quitting sugar far harder than first thought.
    I have days when it is easier and other days when it seems a constant internal battle. I know all the right things to do, but it seems I fall at the putting it into practice and planning.
    In fact I would say the planning is the hardest bit. I tend to wait until I'm hungry before I plan a meal, by which time I'm really hungry and want quick food. This is dangerous for me, because quick food either means sugarary, fat, processed food inside, or takeout food which is probably worse.
    Anyway, I like the recipes in the food section on her and feel they are foods that can be easily made in advance and store in the fridge. I'm not one for cooking, so simple, nutritious foods are high on my agenda right now.
    I think it is fair to say I'm a 'work-in-progress'.

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    I think the key to managing a lifestyle change is recognising that it IS a lifestyle change and not a fad. Therefore with this in mind, you have to accept that sometimes in life you want some alcohol, chocolate or processed food.

    The skill is about finding the healthiest version of those and choosing to eat that, or having them, limit it to one or two and just move on, make it an occasional choice and not the norm. I have posted up some great chocolate brownies (food section), which are healthier than others you may wish to eat. These offer you a healthier version, so are less damaging on your health and your waist. But they are to be shared, enjoy sharing the healthy options you have chosen in your life....just do not eat them all. If it is too tempting, ask someone else to make them at your cost, and just have a few. let them keep the rest. Take them to work, or a group you attend, or give some to your neighbours.....share the love!

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    Thanks guys, as I said earlier, I am a work in progress, but I know I'm not alone. It seems a lot of people struggle on this initial journey, as it is about un-learning learned practices that at times are so second nature to us, we don't even realise we do them.

    I think diet is a hard one to crack, as we have to eat and it seems it is everywhere around you and everyone wants to talk about food!
    But, I've also found that many people, even the less obvious ones struggle with their diets in some form. So, I don't feel so alone knowing that, it is an affliction on so many.

    I think the psychology of eating has to dealt with to be truly successful.... that is what I am working on right now.

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