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Thread: President Trump

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    President Trump

    Well, he is in! Do you think he'll be a disaster on the international stage?

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    While he was on the campaign trail I couldn't stand the man. But his speech yesterday about putting his country first was very interesting, and something I would like to hear more often by our own Ministers.

    What ever you think about him, you can't deny he lacks passion, again something all of our ministers lack.

    He may be a disaster and start wars, or he may be an injection of freshness that politics needs, or which politicians around the world may learn from, I think we should wait 6 -12 months before we can begin to pass judgement.

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    Absolutely, and it'll be fun to watch too!

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    It's unbelievable to watch, I'm really not sure what to make of him. The things he comes out with, I'm not quite sure if he is utterly brilliant, or utterly stupid!

    And as for the wall of Mexico! I'm shocked that it is even being considered. Surely humans should be coming together, not becoming more decided than ever.

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    Can you believe this man? It is quite comical to watch what is unfolding....I say comical, with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek!
    This latest farce is the travel ban, which has alienated American residents from returning back into the country!
    This latest plan does not seem to have thought through very well, and what is worrying is the speed and reckless way he is bringing about change. Such ignorance and stupidity will leave America and the World open to more attacks.

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    I understand that Trump wants to get some control over the borders, but this does seem a knee jerk reaction and not one that has been thought through at all.
    You are right John B, I think that this type of action and thinking will make the U.S a greater, not lesser target.

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    This man is mad! I am genuinely scared for the future of the world with this man in charge. He seems to act before thinking.
    How is it the countries can employ such a person, he is dangerous.

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    The over ruling of the travel ban by some courts surely makes a mockery of the system and of the Presidents discision. Trumps decision Rightly or wrongly should not be over ruled by some judges and not by others. Surely it is either legal or not.

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    Trump is making the presence look like a laughing stock of socially inept people run by an idiot. The powers that be and the rest of America must be cringing right now and quickly drawing up plan B.

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    Can you believe it is being debated in parliament about whether Trump can visit on an official basis? is that a first in the history of the world?

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