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Thread: Reiki - a better understanding

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    Reiki - a better understanding

    This video may help those to have a better understanding of Reiki
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    Here is a video of the therapy in action.

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    Hi Gwen Jones,

    Thanks for sharing the videos, I have to say that just watching the second one made me feel quite relaxed. I wasn't aware that reiki is so involved with the chakra's. I suppose it is obvious really when you consider it is all about energy.

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    This is a real art form, many people believe they can do this but when you experience a well trained and refined practitioner it is a very powerful healing technique

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    I was talking to someone the other day who thought that reiki was a scam, he said he had an injury to his ankle, a reiki practitioner did some hands on healing, but his ankle was still a problem afterwards, so he said it was a scam, and then went on to say how the ankle had sorted itself out a few weeks later!

    It does make me laugh, if he had gone to the doctor and got two paracetamol, but it didn’t mend his ankle, would have said the paracetamol was a sham and the doctor a Charleton? No reiki has ever reported to mend something in one session, that is miracle healing!

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