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Thread: Yoga for weight loss

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    Yoga for weight loss

    I saw this video, in my quest to find more yoga exercises. I thought it was simple and do-able for most people regardless of your starting point.

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    This is really quite good, It is faster paced than normal yoga and you do get slightly out of breath doing it.

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    I joined up to my first yoga class once.... holy moly! I should have done my research, I had joined up to hot yoga and it was torture. There was I expecting a very relaxing evening of stretches, followed by 10 minutes lying flat on your back (cool down)... err... no! It is not recommended for newbies, although I have to say it makes you realise how fit and supple you need to be to undertake that type of yoga.

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    Yoga always looks so serene, but I have to say on the occasions I have done yoga I look anything less than serene, I find the warrior quite a difficult pose to maintain with poise and dignity. So I can appreciate the calories burnt trying to maintain the simplistic look.

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    I’m not so sure on the idea of yoga for weightloss, I like the concept that it is serene and a form of meditation. I like the fact it stretches, strengthens and elongates the muscles.

    For me, doing it as a form of exercise to lose weight makes it seem more like a chore than an enjoyable past time.

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