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Thread: Are peoples food choices changing?

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    Are peoples food choices changing?

    I saw this article on a twitter feed and thought I'd share it on here. It's from the daily mail and discusses the change in peoples food choice habits. It suggests people are choosing to have simple foods and less processed foods.

    In my honest opinion I don't see it on a daily basis, mainly because processed food is so much easier to come by and that simpler foods require more preparation time, a commodity people seem to lack now-a-days.

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    Here is a direct link to the article

    It says there is a move away from salt, sugar, grain, eggs and dairy, but is that the true picture? Is the move away from salt an imposed one set by targets to the industry or a consumers deliberate decision to choose products low in sodium?

    personally, I'd like to think there is a trend away from dairy and sugar and a conscious choice to go for foods where you can trace farm to fork as they refer to it in the article. Mainly because it will encourage supermarkets to improve the selection and quality of veg and fruit. I still find it hard to find organic versions of most fruit and veg, and I do the cost can be up to 3 times as much!

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    I think there is a section of society which is changing definitely, but I have to say, when I look around there is a huge other section of society that is fully sucked into the Western food and health culture. People just seem to be getting bigger.

    Personally, I don't think the slimming industry helps weight-loss at all, so is this change in food choices driven by a need to lose weight or by the need to gain health?
    I think that maybe the latter is true. It is good to see a trend in more real food and not processed food, but will we see that represented in the shops?

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    There is a trend for healthy food, I see that in my local town. There are more and more health food restaurants opening up, which is great. But often the places that sell healthy food and snacks often seek mass produced processed rubbish masquerading as health food.

    Typically the mass market and ill-informed are yet again sucked into this idea that what they are buying is healthy, when in fact it continues to contribute to their heart disease and cancer risk.

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