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Thread: The war on terror

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    The war on terror

    Will increasing policing on the streets ever prevent the terror threats and actions?

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    I think today's action answers your question. I don't think it will prevent terrorism, but as seen today it can mean a quicker response to incidents as they are happening.

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    I think the problem is that how can you suspect a car, van, truck on the street? It is only when it mounts the pavement that it is recognised as being a problem. How can more bobbies on the beat prevent a vehicle ploughing into people?

    I think Guv-near is right, that the only benefit to more policing of our streets is in response to an event happening.

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    It is sad that this is even an issue, I think the difficulty arises from the fact that the terrorists appear to be attacking to scare us into submission. The only thing that they want is for people to convert to Islam. Also, the people attacking are lone fractions, people passionate enough about their beliefs that they are willing to die for them. It is so difficult to either reason with them, prevent them or fight them.

    We live in very sad and difficult times.

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    I do get fed up with the over exploited media coverage of terrorist attacks that happen here and countries that 'we' consider 'off limits', whereas countries like India barely get mentioned. Are we as humans not equal? Are people in India not equally affraid of not being able to go about their daily business without being attacked? Surely we all fighting the same problem, we should all support one another, not ignore some and over sympathise with others!

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    The thing is the majority of improved policing and anti terror policing is being concentrated in the large cities, but you venture out into the country and have a terror attack and the response time would be far greater, with fewer turning up and even less knowing what to actually do.

    To be honest I'm quite surprised the terrorists concentrate on the cities, for maximum exposure, maximum fear and maximum casualties they could attack a sleepy town where a festival is taking place.
    People in the countryside have this sense of 'we are alright, we are safe, it's only the cities that get attacked'.

    Is the increased policing sufficient to prevent an attack absolutely not, and never will be.

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    I agree that if the attacks happened in the countryside it would create more fear amongst the population, however for countryside attacks to be affective they would have to occur at festivals, large gatherings of people etc

    Then people would feel if they didn't attend those events then they are safe.

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    With this lady at the helm we should all worry
    How is this lady still in post? Why hasn't she been sacked? She does not fill me with confidence about the control future terrorism.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom32 View Post
    With this lady at the helm we should all worry
    How is this lady still in post? Why hasn't she been sacked? She does not fill me with confidence about the control future terrorism.

    I see she has taken a break due to ill health, she has been hounded in the press recently, and clearly has shown not to be right. It is easy to point the finger and say she is not fit to work, but it is a hard job to be questioned like they are and then vilified in the press, It takes a strong person to keep going.

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