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Thread: Bear has midnight snack on boys head

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    Bear has midnight snack on boys head

    Now don't get me wrong, this poor boy must have been petrified to wake up and find a bear munching on his head. But I am mortified that it has been considered acceptable to kill A bear that was THOUGHT to be the perpetrator! This boy was sleeping in the wild, surely it is not acceptable to just track a bear down, and just kill it. Even if it was the actual bear, should it have been killed given the nature of the location?

    Why do we have this attitude towards animals, yet we don't towards humans, that do have the intelligence to know better?

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    I've just read this, I don't understand the mentality. They don't even know if they've killed the right bear, it was probably any excuse to kill a bear!

    They are a little trigger happy over there.

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    It is a sad state of affairs but I'm sure the lobbyists were out in force to support the killing. We are an arrogant, self centered race, filled with our sense of self importance.

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    It is the mindset that someone has to pay and the local council wants to feel like they have taken the incident seriously, so by killing something, it shows they have 'managed' the incident.

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