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    Article 50 Author

    This is worth a read, I only Hope the conservative Government take notice!

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    An interesting interview read, but nothing many others have not already stated.

    Brexit was won as a scrape through vote, given the figures, I do not think it is a fair to call it the 'will of the people' and I think it is less fair to to suggest that 'this is what the people voted for'. The lies that were immediately apparent after the vote, the unfolding of events now, the catastrophic outlook for the country... is this what was voted for?

    It may be, but it may not be. I think the government have a duty on something so massive, so life changing for the whole of society, I think we have a right to have a another vote with all the cards on the table, in fact, I would be happy to go back and vote now based on the current outcomes.

    It seems our government is too pig headed, and think they would be losing face to re-vote. For me, I think it is democracy and not a re-vote, but a vote with the facts.

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    I give up on the lot of them. I truly wonder if they actually know what they are doing?

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    Why is there such disbelief that this decision is good for us? Of course there will be the expected turmoil on the markets as there always is during any uncertain times, but the markets will settle (as they always do).

    I think the scaremongering is done on purpose, ultimately the UK pays the most into the EU coffers and that loss will be felt hard by the EU, they want us to pay for our decision while feathering their bed for the forthcoming future. Personally I think it is a disgrace what they are trying to do, but we have to keep our head, they money they are demanding is in the region of 30 - 55bn Surely this must make us realise we hold all the cards?

    I think we have a lot to play for and a good hand to play with, we just have to keep our nerve and stop looking like a broken country. The reason why companies consider leaving the UK is because we look like we cant cope, that without the EU we are a lame duck. If we showed we have confidence about the future and that we will prosper we will do just fine.

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