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Thread: Which is the best exercise for weightloss?

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    Which is the best exercise for weightloss?

    I know we are fast approaching the Christmas festivities, but I was wondering which is the best exercise for weight loss? Iím mentally getting prepared for the new year.

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    Any exercise you are willing to stick to, is surely the best exercise? Try and mix it up, otherwise you’ll get bored.
    What did you choose to do for your January New you campaign?

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    Exercise is proven not to promote weight loss. Weight loss is a dietary exercise.

    Exercise is about improving your health, your cardiovascular, respiratory and muscular system. Your muscles are important as they play a role in many functions in our body, not just stability and movement. It is important to recognise this difference, otherwise any exercise you set out to do will bring you disappointment and therefore you are less likely to stick to it.

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