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Thread: Facial hair

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    Facial hair

    I just wanted to share this with the forum, and it is not conclusive, but something I have observed within myself and I thought it worth a share.

    I have been blighted by facial hair and have over the years given myself self care in the form of shaving, plucking and creams. I have also sought professional treatment in the form of laser which I found to be very affective.

    but I noticed when I cut out dairy from my diet that I had less problems with facial hair. It wasn't something I noticed at all at first. In fact I didn't notice it until I started to consume some dairy again in the form of yogurts and cheese. Suddenly, I was blighted by uncontrollable facial hair growth, it was only at this point that it dawned on me that I not suffered for many months. The only change I made was adding in dairy. Of which I have now stopped again.

    Therefore I suggest that if anyone does suffer from this problem, it may be worth considering cutting out dairy for a few months and see what it does for you.

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    Thanks for sharing this Staci, it is certainly an interesting observation. I personally noticed a huge hormonal improvement in my health once I cut out dairy from my diet.

    Much like you I dabbled in and out on occasions and opting for dairy has always been detrimental to my health.

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    I have been off dairy for some time now, and although I can't say Ive noticed an improvement in my hair growth, I can also say, I wasn't particularly hairy before.

    That said, the difference in my health has been quite considerable from cutting out the dairy. I would recommend it to everyone, whether they have an intolerance or not.

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    I think the hormones in our foods are creating a problem in our overall health. I find I am more emotionally stable when I have consumed less dairy.

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