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Thread: Sugar tax

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    Sugar tax

    Today the sugar tax in now in force, but will it change the obesity epidemic in our society? And it really the cause?

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    It is coming into effect at the perfect time, with obesity rates rising

    Personally, I think sugary drinks are not the culprit, it is our over use of this treat that it the problem. Having 1 can of sugary drink doesn’t make you obese.

    I think it is a shame that we require ‘big brother’ to make a stand so we can control ourselves. what is wrong with the human race!

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    Of course it won’t change the obesity problem, it is a problem that is multi factorial.

    At best it will highlight the amount of sugar in drinks. But honestly, it won’t change people’s eating habits, to choose water to quench thirst etc.

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    I think you are right Staci, it is multifactorial, but the tax has hopefully raised consciousness about the amount of sugar that is in our diet and it has lead to discussions about the amount of sugar that are in our food supply. Surely, this can only be a good thing?

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    I think it is lip service, so the government can look like they are doing something to appease the people.

    The trouble is they don’t go far enough stating that this food and drink is junk. The Government is quick to remove herbal remedies from our shelves, but happy allows companies to sell Monster drinks or Vapes (smoking) along side the plastic food that is on sale, which is disease and cancer forming.

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    I agree with Morris1954 entirely.

    I think it is right that our food industry is cleaned up, but why hasn’t a sugar tax been added to all foods where the food has a 10% or greater sugar content (for example)?

    The sugar tax targets only one aspect of the obesity problem, I believe that education about what is food and what is not food should be explained. An apple is food, a cheese slice is not food it is a mixture of chemicals. Which has an endocrine disruption affect on our bodies, leading to multiple problems.

    People should be bought up knowing that water is what our body needs and that anything else is the exception to the rule.

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