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Thread: Is this normal?

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    Is this normal?

    I have been practising meditation for a short time now, because it was trendy and so not wanting to miss out, I jumped on the band wagon.

    It took me a while to get into it, quieten the mind and fully relax, but now I have, Iíve noticed my limbs move, completely uncontrolled by me. I can of course forcibly stop them, but if I remain relaxed they just do their own thing.

    Has anyone experienced this?

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    I have, in a small way. I felt my arm being tugged and it moved slightly. It scared me, so I googled it (that god for google), and there were various suggestions. A common theme said this was Your Kundalini awakening.

    Don’t ask me what that means.

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    Well, Kundalini awakening is some kind of specific energy generating in your body which can resolve your all psyche problems.

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    How can it resolve your psyche problems? And what do you mean by psyche?

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