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Thread: Pregnancy symptoms

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    Pregnancy symptoms

    The dreaded pregnancy symptoms have kicked in, I donít want to take conventional medicines because of the unknown risks to the unborn.

    I know this may sound like I am living in a fantasy bubble, but indulge me. I would like to limit the toxins throughout my pregnancy to both myself and my baby, to give it the best start in life.

    Can anyone recommend any alternatives to help me cope with the symptoms?

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    I suppose it depends on your symptoms, the obvious one would be ginger for sickness, or those travel bands that you wear on your wrist.

    There are various spices that are good for reducing pain, but it’s worth checking that they are not contra indicated in pregnancy.

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    Don't use alcohol or tobacco.
    Eat plain crackers before getting out of bed and several small meals throughout the day.
    Don't go without food for long periods of time.
    Drink plenty of fluids, especially if you've been vomiting.
    Stay away from spicy, fried, greasy, or strong-smelling foods.

    This is a special time and when you are feeling rough just embrace the fact that you have a little miracle growing inside you

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