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I love pomegranate, it reminds me of my travels through the beautiful country of Morocco, winding through the sandy tracks, through pomegranate and date trees, these little red jewels are abundant in health giving properties.

It is no wonder pomegranates are considered superfoods, both the juice and the peel are rich in polyphenols and catechins with high antioxidant activity.
All pomegranate flavonoids show antioxidant activity with indirect inhibition of inflammatory markers such as tumour necrosis factor alpha.

Pomegranate fruit has health benefits against some types of cancer, due to their ability to inhibit cell growth and induce apoptosis (cell death).

The anti-inflammatory affects of pomegranate are well documented, with benefits shown towards protecting joint cartilage, suggesting there may be benefits for prevention of osteoarthritis and joint pain.

Pomegranate is well know to provide heart health benefits due to their high anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds. Just 150mls of juice taken daily over 2 weeks can produce significant cardio-protective results, helping to reduce blood pressure.

The high levels of antioxidants have been shown to help boost memory recall and cognitive function.

These are just a few of the amazing health benefits you can obtain by incorporating pomegranate superfood into your daily food choices.