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Thread: Id do anything to change my body/health/lifestyle

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    Id do anything to change my body/health/lifestyle

    Warning ⚠️ a moaning post coming up!

    I am fed up of hearing of people that ‘would do anything’ or ‘kill for’ a new shaped body, of healthy body, when in fact what they mean is, I’d like a quick fix, permanent pill to sort this out for me!

    I had this exact conversation with someone the other day, who told me just that - ‘I’d do anything to lose weight and get back into a size 12. So I just replied without filters - stop putting crap in your mouth and move more and you may get your wish!

    Okay, so we are now not on speaking terms, but she really did need a reality check. Are people all too kind and not wanting to offend now-a-days, even when this may come at the cost of someone’s health?

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    I think that our current way of life makes sticking to the changes required very difficult. We are constantly told that if you want something you can buy it, take it, swallow it, everything but work hard for it over years and possibly a life time!

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    It’s the society we live in today, fickle!

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    I think you are being a bit harsh, many people do work hard on their healthy lifestyle and do see changes, but that level of commitment is not always sustainable, so they quit, and fall back into their rut.

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    I was chatting to a colleague at work and she is morbidly obese, carrying the majority of her weight around her tummy area, considered an ‘apple shape’ she was telling me she had dropped a couple of stone and was on a two shakes a day diet, followed by a meal and snacks to the value of 1000 calories in addition to this she was going jogging, and doing various forms of exercise.

    Whilst I was encouraging her for making the effort, I advised her on her diet ( of course) and her exercise routine, which in my opinion seems excessive. Why? So, my issue with this is that I do not feel her new found change was sustainable, exercise takes time and in some cases many hours out of your day, day in, day out. There will always be some people that take this new regimen and make it a life sustaining change, but most don’t, finding it too hard to maintain for the long haul, losing weight and maintaining it is not about ‘doing it once’ and that’s it for life, it has to be a life long change and therefore any changes in your health and fitness needs to be something that can fit in easily, without too much effort into your life for always.

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    I’m afraid as a society we are used to getting a ‘quick fix’ and I have to say if a pill gets the same results as hard graft I’ll take the pill every time!

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