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    Wild Chamomile

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    Chamomile is one of the oldest, most widely used and well documented medicinal plants in the world and has been recommended for a variety of healing applications. For this post we are looking a Wild Chamomile.

    Wild Chamomile, also known as Pineapple Weed is a plant that reminds me of my childhood. As a child it seemed to grow everywhere, very often in cracks of tarmac or scrubland. Who knew that some adult years later I would find myself revisiting this odd looking plant with fresh eyes and awe at its medicinal benefits!

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    The name Pineapple Weed comes from its subtle pineapple taste, specifically the flower heads. When made into a tea the taste is a slightly sweeter Chamomile, with a hint of pineapple, making this a refreshing, almost tropical tasting tea.

    The benefits of Wild Chamomile match that of the more well known Roman Chamomile, helping to reduce anxiety, aid digestion, promote relaxation and sleep.
    Wild Chamomile can help to relieve colds and drinking it as a tea is one of the simplest ways to enjoy this flower. Did you know that there are over one million cups of Chamomile tea drunk everyday!

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    When infused in oil and applied to the skin it can improve skin conditions such as eczema and Psoriasis, as well as relieve itchy skin.
    Wild Chamomile infused oil can also be used topically as a mild pain reliever and is also known to reduce muscle spasm, therefore Chamomile oil is an excellent choice as a massage oil.
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    Chamomile tea is great for easing an irritable bladder.

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    Looking at the image posted I would never have known that was a chamomile flower, I have probably cut down hundreds of these amazing flowers believing them to be a weed. I will definitely try the tip about adding to oil and applying to the skin to treat eczema as my son suffers from this on his chest and behind his knees. Thank you for sharing.

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