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Thread: An abuse of powers!

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    An abuse of powers!

    I saw this in the news this morning

    LA Mayor Eric Garcetti has warned that residents hosting large home gatherings can expect their water and power utilities to be cut, a sharp escalation of the city’s strict Covid-19 measures amid a series of recent house parties.

    Surely it is a basic human right in such countries to have access to power and water where it is readily available I am missing something with this Covid-19 virus? When you look at the death rates in comparison to population, or even the hospital admissions compared to population it is comparatively small, and that is taking into account the over massaged, inflated numbers of including anyone that dies at this time as being ‘ Covid related’

    To threaten to switch off water and electricity seems bizarre and extreme to say the least. The death rates are less than 1%

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    They can’t do that! What about the risks to people’s health from not having access to water? Such threats are disgusting and surely illegal!

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    It depends on the how large the gatherings are and how often. If it was regularly then I totally agree with cutting their utilities. Would you want to live close to that?

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    Definitely an abuse of power in my opinion because they could be switching off people’s power for a one off gathering!

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    I think the whole Covid thing has gotten out of hand, it seems an excuse to lockdown and impose restrictions on people when the government feel like it. The death rates have been exaggerated and whilst I have deepest sympathy for those that have lost loved ones I do think there are huge amounts of people that die every year from the flu!

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