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Thread: Should we close shops, bars and restaurants to reopen schools?

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    Should we close shops, bars and restaurants to reopen schools?

    Boris Johnson says it is a "national priority" and a "moral duty" to get all pupils back in class next month, raising the prospect of closing shops, pubs and restaurants in local lockdowns to allow schools to stay open.

    I think we need to leave everything open and get on with it. This virus is with us regardless of what we do so you can either lock yourself away and become socially awkward or take the best measures to protect yourself and face it head on

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    I think it is a moral duty to open everything up and say, take the necessary precautions as you see fit! Opening up schools ( which is the right decision) should not happen at the expense of the workforce as a whole. By closing shops and pubs you risk these business's going out of business, which has a huge knock on effect in society, the high street shops are under enough strain as it is, all of those workers could lose their jobs, and if there are limited businesses to go to for a new job they will become another statistic in the job market. This will impact on their mental health, their family environment and their family, in terms of housing, food and clothing.

    Also, what about the children leaving school and colleges, what hope is there for them? If so many companies are closed or working from home etc. Let’s be honest, no-one would employ a person in their first ever job and tell them from day one, ‘you must work from home’

    No! We should open up everything, get back to normal and accept that some people will catch this, some will be poorly and some will die, just as we accept this notion for the winter flu ‘every year’!

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    There are people trapped behind closed doors with escalating mental health problems and children will be returning to school with no direction or discipline that need to get back!

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