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    Living Proof

    An inspirational film available on Amazon prime, about the journey to maintain health and functionality through a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

    I recommend anyone with MS, recently diagnosed or a long term survivor watch this film and then visit the website for all the information you require to help you on the path to wellness.
    However, diagnosed or not, I urge people to watch this, as you may gain an insight how the healthcare industry works.

    website: MShope

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    I saw this on Amazon, I think this man and his family are amazing. But what shocked me was the way the MS society have been and the way the doctor was controlled. It leads you to question how many other treatments, cures etc are readily available, but are stifled due to money.

    What a terrible world we live in, thank the lord for people like Matt and his family for doing the right thing for humanity, for free.

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    This is really profound and genuinely quite upsetting. What made it worse is that part of my didn’t believe him (sorry Matt), so I checked it out for myself, and then I did a little further research on other companies and was shocked to see that charities that you think should be non-bias and solely exist for the benefit of the individual, is not the case.

    Big companies are often very closely linked to these charities, which of course will have some control on the way the charities run, the information they give out.

    Let me be clear, I’m not against their existence, but I am totally against when they bully remedies, cures and treatments for their own benefit.

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    I think this documentary reflects many of societies failings and the influence that money can bring on us. Very scary, and we know so little about the real problems out there!

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