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Thread: Acupuncture

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    Hi, I'm new here, so, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this question.

    I've been suffering from back pain for years and have tried all the usual treatments, pain killers, physio etc all of which at times offers some respite. But I wonder what else is out there, if anything. A work colleague suggested acupuncture, but hadn't used it herself.

    Has anyone tried it? and if so, do you recommend it?

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    I suffered with lower back pain for years, muscle related "knotting" pressing on the sciatic nerve....

    I had a course of accupunture which not only releved the issue I also found it very relaxing....

    For muscle related issues I'd highly recommend it..

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    Had acupuncture various times over a number of years for stopping smoking, hay fever. Most recently in the last month I've had it for bursitis aka students elbow!

    Also for knotted shoulder and neck muscles in conjunction with massage.

    Seems to have worked.

    Only caveat being that sometimes acupuncture can create bizarre side effects, one memorable time, after a lunch time appointment I ended up slurring my words like I'd been on the pop!

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    I have chiropractic care for my lower back pain and found it to stave off the over use of pain killers, but I often had nagging sciatic pain down my leg.

    During a a few sessions at the Chiroprac he used acupuncture to great and almost immediate affect. I would suggest you try it, bare in mind that you may require several treatments before you start to feel a benefit.

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    Ive had acupuncture for muscle spasms and I have to say, it worked wonders, and was pain free.

    I was very sceptical about it, and in some ways I still am, probably because I don't really understand how it can work.

    I think there are different types of acupuncture. I'm not sure what the difference is between Chinese and Western acupuncture, if any.

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    I love acupuncture, I find it so relaxing, I think it is the only time when I just stop and be in the moment. Here is a brief overview of the differences, but their are multiple different varieties, all with subtle differences.

    Western acupuncture uses current medical models, and needle placement is based on anatomy and physiology.

    Chinese or Traditional acupuncture is based on yin, yang and Qi principles. It is designed to restore the bodies equilibrium.

    Chinese acupuncture focuses on the individual, so treatments will vary. Western focuses on the illness, so everyone gets the same treatment.

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    I've suffered with low back pain for years, and was surprised when my doctor recommended acupuncture.
    I was even more surprised that it was offered on the NHS. I felt relief, but it didn't cure the pain.

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    Hi Guv-ner,

    The NICE guidelines recommended acupuncture could be a first line treatment for low back pain.

    Although, I know that pain services in hospital often treat patients with acupuncture with differing outcomes. I am not sure of the criteria for treatment.

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    I do think there is an element of mind over matter. If you believe it works, you almost will it to work.

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    Mind over matter.....isn't that what a lot of medicine relies on?

    As long as it works, does it matter what the cause is?

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