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Thread: Mental health day

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    Mental health day

    I was torn between posting this in wellness or health conditions and in reality I think it straddles the two!

    I am not normally a big fan of ‘days’ but I feel that mental health seems to be a big problem for so many people of all ages. More interestingly, mental health shows itself in many ways, in severe cases this can be self harm, suicidal tendencies or tics, but in other, more milder cases this can be anxiety, difficulty with social interactions or panic attacks.

    The myriad of medications that people take often have a side effect of Depression.

    I think it is a far wider, growing problem than is first appreciated and the knock on effects in society as a whole can and will be devastating.

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    I am sick to death of people posting on Facebook asking people to support mental health by putting a heart on their timeline. It’s insulting actually so please stop

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    I think people with true mental health problems don’t post on Facebook or announce it to everyone who will listen, sadly they remain quiet and shut themselves away so it is harder to reach them. I have seen a decline in so many people due to Covid and people with no previous anxiety and depression are suffering the most as they have no idea how to cope.

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