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Thread: Is a vaccine going to make a difference?

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    I find it confusing that there is a push for people who have had the virus to still get the vaccine, what’s the point? Surely their bodies will do what our bodies have done since we ever existed and that is to build up T-calls and antibodies once exposed.

    I prefer to put my faith in Mother Nature, rather than a synthetic version.

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    I know I’m resurrecting an old thread here, but since the OP, vaccines have no been administered to most people who want and can have them, only teenagers remain. It is muted in the press that the vaccine is having an impact, although I am not sure how they can truly tell so early on into another wave. One of the vaccine companies is suggesting that the effectiveness of the vaccine starts to wane after 6 months, therefore boosters are needed.

    I know a few that have said they won’t have a booster, I think there was an initial belief that it would be one off jabs and freedom, that is not proving to be the case and in Germany and Israel reports are stating that vaccinated people are being admitted into hospital and they are still getting Covid. I’m not sure when and how this will end….maybe natural herd immunity is the answer, rather than having people so ‘protected’ against all the spreading bugs that evade our environment we should just get out there, discover those at highest risk and do what we can to protect them, but otherwise, go for it.

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