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Thread: Proís and conís

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    Proís and conís

    I have to admit this lockdown is really getting to me, the tensions in the air, the failure to integrate into society in the usual way and the increasing anxiety levels of seemingly everyone worries me greatly.

    Surely in all walks of life we should always look for ‘the great good’ scenario, so given that more than 50% of people who have tested positive of Covid have absolutely no symptoms. Around 25% have the classic symptoms, and 3% are very sick and 0.15 die Should we be considering the impact of government actions of the population, an impact that we even yet to realise?!

    School Children - an impact on their schooling, knowledge and skills, an impact on their mental health for lack of play, socialising and lockdown with people that could harm them

    College/uni - a huge impact to their learning which impact on their overall outcome and knowledge base, suicide rates up etc.

    Working age people - lack of jobs, job losses, stress and anxiety or new working practices,

    New parents - restrictions for birth and visitations afterwards, lack of support network

    Poorly people - reduced ability to seek treatment, get investigations, get treatments.

    Elderly - restricted visitations can lead to loneliness , depression, a reduction of care, food, drink, increased illness.

    Substance misuse/depression/anxiety/stress - the lockdown will only serve to compound these problems leading to - increased anxiety, hospital admissions, suicide, drug overdoses, death, increased alcoholism.

    Economy - the cost of paying back the enormous amounts of money that is spent will mean the working person will be taxed far higher, there will be more cuts in services, job losses, hose repossessions etc.

    Surely all of this is not worth the protection of the very, very small minority?
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    It does seem to be a real overkill reaction, but maybe the argument to support the limited numbers is that the lockdowns have prevented a worsening of the spread. Therefore the numbers we see are as a direct result of the success of the lockdowns.

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    I agree with all the Con’s there seem to be so many resultant Cons of such a lock down, the focus is firmly focused on the cons of Covid without looking at the whole picture.

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    I have to admit I just do not understand this over reaction to Covid when the chances of dying are about 0.001% for the majority of people.

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