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Thread: 3 Tiers, are we being controlled or protected?

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    3 Tiers, are we being controlled or protected?

    I have to say I am not surprised to be told by the Prime Minister that we are coming out of lockdown into a new stricter tier system.

    Are we really being controlled by the government or are these measures really necessary? I am finding it increasingly hard to understand what the answer to this question is

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    I think the measures are in place to protect the hospitals in those areas. I think the decision has been made on the basis of transmission, but also the admitting capacity in those areas.

    The transmission numbers are coming down and so are deaths from Covid (related) which of course, will happen. But this action is not a solution, abuse has gone up by 7%, suicide is up, unemployment up, companies going under is going up... many companies are holding out for Christmas, but the threat of more restrictions post Christmas will drive further uncertainty resulting in more job losses.

    I think the controls are extreme and come at the cost of many other problems.

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