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Thread: Is your take away contributing to deforestation?

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    Is your take away contributing to deforestation?

    There are few pleasures these days, so taking a bite of your flame-grilled chicken burger may be the one highlight of the week.

    Takeaway obviously, if you're in lockdown.
    Now, we don't want to take that one pleasure away but that piece of chicken could be contributing to deforestation.

    A new investigation has linked British chicken to forests being cleared for agriculture in Brazil.

    Greenpeace Unearthed and the Bureau for Investigative Journalism have found that huge areas of forest, in an area called the Cerrado, are being cut down to plant soy beans.

    The soy is then shipped back to the UK and sold for animal feed.

    The investigation said Tesco, Asda, Lidl, Nandos and McDonalds were all selling meat, sourced from a UK supplier, which had been fed on soy from the Cerrado. The supplier has said it does not source from illegally cleared land.
    But many British consumers are unknowingly contributing to this deforestation.

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    Soy is the biggest cause of deforestation and it goes primarily into animal feed, only a small amount goes towards direct human consumption.

    80% goes to livestock, if we didn’t eat meat, we wouldn’t need to chop the Amazon rainforest down, which are the lungs of our planet. Once the tipping point is achieved and we cut so much down, the air we breath will be affected and wildlife and humans will suffer.
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