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Thread: What are we breathing in?

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    What are we breathing in?

    First we were enslaved. Then we were poisoned." That's how many on Martinique see the history of their French Caribbean island that, to tourists, means sun, rum, and palm-fringed beaches.

    But today the islanders are victims again - of a toxic pesticide called chlordecone that's poisoned the soil and water and been linked to unusually high rates of prostate cancer.

    I saw this article in the news and it does makes you stop and think of how many pesticides are sprayed on the crops where I live. I am surrounded by farms and some days the smell is horrendous but what am I breathing in and is it safe for me?

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    I very much doubt the air we breathe is clean enough to not cause disease. We are impacted by the crop spraying and chem trails all of which end up in our drinking water. I think there is little we can do to protect ourselves from the air we breathe.

    My only suggestion would be to boost our immunity and limit other chemicals that we are exposed to in our every day lives.
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