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Thread: Trading water

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    Trading water

    I have predicted for a long time now that the future will be a different place than what we will have known, however I don’t think I appreciated how near that future was going to end up being!

    “The news that water is to be traded on Wall Street futures market shows that the value of water, as a basic human right, is now under threat. It is closely tied to all of our lives and livelihoods, and is an essential component to public health,” the top official said in a statement.

    Water will become a commodity much like precious metals and diamonds and may even take over as being the most expensive commodity given its essential life sustaining qualities.

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    Crikey is there nothing that isn’t a commodity or under threat these days? The fashion industry are the biggest culprit in using water because of how much cheaper clothes are, they are then discarded and them millions of gallons of water needed to make the garments is wasted. I think there needs to be cuts there before anything.

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    If our oceans are full and the ice caps are melting how are we short on water? Can’t we turn sea water into drinking water?

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