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Thread: Hidden sugars

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    Hidden sugars

    Iím trying to cut down on my sugar intake. In the small changes I have made and the time frame I have been doing it, I have already started to notice a difference, but I have to say Iím really shocked by the level of hidden sugars or sugar substitutes there are in our everyday foods!

    It really is not surprising that so many people are ill, overweight or depressed. These sugars are known to be a huge contributing factor in these common ailments. There really should be rhetoric coming from the Government about how eating a whole food plant based diet really is the only diet that humans should eat, or certainly predominantly eat!

    Maybe then, there would be less of a need for most of the medications we Ďpopí daily!
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    Sauces are a terrible source of sugars, you can he]ave the healthiest meal, but slather some ketchup or brown sauce on and you will have undone all your attempts of healthy eating!

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