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    Mushroom powder

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    Let me start by saying I don’t like Mushrooms, but I am very aware of there powerful benefits. I have tried adding them to smoothies and hiding them in dishes, which works to some degree, but the really good one with huge health benefits seem just a step too far for me. I came across this powder, which has a large collection of mushrooms in powdered form.

    when I first purchased I added them to my smoothies and could taste the powder, and although it wasn’t horrible, I can honestly say it was musky, mushroomy flavour. Anyway, I persevered and now I look forward to my smoothies more than ever, adding a huge heaped teaspoon to my mix. Although I couldn’t be specific and say how I feel better, but I can say, I feel like I have more energy and just a feeling of wellness.

    I definitely recommend giving it a go.
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    I’m not a big fan of mushrooms, but I’m very aware of their importance to a varied diet. I like the idea of these powders, but notice how expensive they are

    For the investment, I would like to be able to recognise the benefit they offer, if that makes sense

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    I hate mushrooms, I have yet to find one that I can try to like, which is frustrating because I read about how healthy they are and how each one has incredible health properties. I did have a quick look at the link and the cost of this mushroom powder is a crazy and definitely a considered purchase.

    I accept that taking mushrooms in through powdered form maybe the easiest way to gain the benefits, but its not to everyones budget,

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