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Thread: Menopause suffering

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    Menopause suffering

    I think Iím entering into the early stages of menopause, I seem to be struggling with memory recall, heavier periods, low mood, anxiety, reduced tolerance and a slower cognitive function.

    I want to approach these years ahead with an holistic view and deal with it all in a natural way. I am physically active and regularly use Rescue remedy as a way to cope with acute bouts of intolerance, which works quite effectively.

    I still have my periods and so my doctors donít recognise that I am going through this stage. But I know my body and I know that is what is happening.

    Any recommendations, experiencing are greatly received.

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    Menopause is the hidden affliction upon the midlifers and a cruel one it is too. It is good to see that it is slowly becoming a more talked about topic, but it seems very misunderstood by the medical profession and not tolerated by society.

    Let’s face it, it was once considered ‘hysteria’ and poor women would be admitted into asylums.

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