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Thread: The psychology of the Covid crisis

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    The psychology of the Covid crisis

    These last two years have been a huge rollercoaster of emotions, but if I had to sum up and put them into one emotion, I would describe it as Fear.

    The fear of the unknown, the risk to our health, the risk others pose to us, the risk of our business’s or jobs going, the risk of dying, the risk of long Covid, the risk of the injections, the worry for the future, for ourselves, for our family and each other. It is fair to say that the impact on all of this is yet to be realised and only sometime down the line will we really know the psychological affect it has had on all of us.

    I for one have been on the edge of no hope, despair, frustration and lack of vitality, motivation and will. How has this affected you?
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    I think the children will be most affected, lets face it, they are a mixed bunch now, without adding any other psychological torture to their childhood.

    isn't it already being reported that they are not progressing mentally in the way that they should, and is it any wonder?

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    I think everyone has and are still being affected by all the rules, restrictions and fear. As I walk around today even with all mask restrictions removed I see the majority of people wearing masks in shops. Restrictions still exist when visiting elderly family and the children are still subjected to the mind conditioning of fear.

    I wonder how the very young (under 5 yrs old) will develop, will we have a whole section of society that struggle to interact with other and have social phobias?

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    I think this winter has tipped a lot of people over the edge, in the year 2020 people were hopeful of an end, winter 2021 made people think we just need to get over winter and all will be well and now 2022 is here and there is little hope with the constant reminder that another variant is just around the corner.

    This constant state of anxiety will be causing a lot of mental health conditions, everyone seems sad, angry, grumpy these days and there seems to be very little empathy between people at the moment.

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    I think there has already been a fundamental shift in everyone’s state of mental health. But I don’t honk it is anyone thing, however obviously a great proportion can be attributed to the Covid restrictions, but I think the media fear campaign has been huge.

    But, let’s not forget in the middle of all of this we have had the BLM movement and the increasingly annoying Alphabet campaign, alongside this, there has been the cancel culture which sets about to cancel anyone and thing that does not confirm to todays societal agenda.

    The concerning trend of children confused about their sex and then the trendy parents confusing them/they/it by nudging them in a direction. History and books are being wiped, everyone is tip toeing around each other and the ultimate outcome seems to be a world which has gone completely mad.

    Nothing, and I mean nothing that has happened has benefitted our world and the future, we are not more understanding, cohesive and integrated, we are more divided, pissed off and damn right miserable than ever.
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